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Help identifying a problem

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Guys I need help solving this problem.

I have been hearing a noise under the car for a while. Sometimes it seems is coming from under engine compartment and others from under the middle of the car. It happens on uneven surfaces not over speed bumps, either under cold or hot conditions. I have checked the bottom of car, and I have found neither components of direction nor exhausted systems in bad shape or loose.

Car hasn’t lost any power. It needs alignment, and I would do it by the time I put new tires, maybe in a couple months. I don’t think the alignment issue be the problem.

Could someone help me to identify this mystery?
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Ball Joints may be bad, these are part of the steering mechanism(components of direction)
Ball Joints were replaced about three months ago. They are OK.
Did you replace the upper ball joints, lower ball joints and control arms on both sides?
Also, did you check the bushings on the anti-sway bar?
I did replace the lower control arms and tie rods last year. What drive me crazy is the direction mechanism looks and feels to the touch OK. Nothing seems to be worn out or loose.

Could be possible that one of the catalytic converters have something loose inside?
possible, although unusual on the W211, we've seen some posts indicating a rattling noise coming from the CC
Sooner or later I will find out the problem, and I will post it back.

Thanks Roadking999 for your feedback.

After replacing right strut arm, left strut arm bushing, upper ball joints and sway bar links ball joints, I found out that the annoying noise was coming from sway bar links ball joints. Now car rides like it was meant to be. The culprits of noise were the parts circulated in picture.


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Good info and pix. Thanks for posting. Happy New Year.
Thanks, and Happy New Year for you too.
Here we go again, another noise under the car (front end)

My experience with this car hasn't been as pleasant as with my former w124, yet I still loving it.

Funny thing is, the one giving me the rides front home to mechanic is a friend with a Honda Accord 2002 with more that 150k that never breaks.

Anyway, I will find out and post results.
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