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Help identify this - belt drive squeal

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2008 R350 Both idler pulleys and tensioner are new. So is the water pump. Squeal, like loud cricket chirping, appears to be coming from upper idler but when I install old one it sounds the same. Squeal is most pronounced when engine is cold. Could this be the new aftermarket water pump? I tried using metal bar as statoscope on bolt heads of two idler pulleys but heard nothing like the squeal on them. I can’t do that to rotating hubs like water pump, alternator, ac & steering pumps but the noise appears to be coming from opposite side of drive belt at upper idler.
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what brand of water pump did you buy? Hopefully you bought a higher quality one.
The water pump is tricky as the weight of some aftermarket is so much lighter than the factory OEM. I stick w OEM if I were you.

MAke sure you match correct waterpump since R class had several engine front style.

It is imperative to match the correct engine number with the idler pulley, tensioner, lower pulley and water pump.
I paid $54 for the water pump on eBay, there are cheaper and there are more expensive ones. I will chime back after reinstalling the original pump. Definitely a sign of poor quality of some of these aftermarket parts.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts