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HELP! I don't know how to mount the hard top??????

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HY Everybody!! :help: :confused:
I need your help!

I have Mercedes G cabrio (460) with convertible roof.
For winter I bought used hard top. I do not know has it all the necessary parts ...
I dont have any manual how to mount it on my G.
Does any of you have some pictures, with steps or anything.
And which parts are necessary (buckles, locks, rubber, seals,battens, etc..) ???

Thanks much in advance


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I think its a shumude hard top , see at : Schmude Hardtop - Produkte - Mercedes G - Hardtops für Cabrios

If yes they can send you instructions. Anyway I think that using a Hardtop means take off the complete softtop structure.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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