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HELP! I can't find a 1972 SL350 Part Anywhere!

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Good morning to all! I am new to the forum but not to Mercedes Benz. I am an "SL- LOVER" as well as a yearly Porsche buyer. I have recently bought a 1972 SL 350 with 68,000 original miles, both tops, wench, and the hub caps as well as the stock mag wheels. I have searched the world over for a "kick down valve" which goes on the side of the transmition and is part # 000304059081........CAN ANYONE HELP ME BY SUGGESTING WHERE I CAN BUY ONE?? I have never owned a vintage Benz before and do not want to loose my interest in it because of a $100 or less part. If anyone knows where I may find one, I will certainly be greatful!! THANKS IN ADVANCE! Regards, WalterC:mad:


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