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please help i have a 1997 e class 3000cc d

the green and red lights on the mirror keep flashing and the car will not start leave it for a while and it goes sometimes.have tride taking the batt out the car re charge and put back in,sometimes this works.had new batts in the remote but still have this prob HELP PLEASE OR PLEASE CALL ME ON 07815 771378 I WILL CALL YOU BACK :crybaby2: :crybaby2: :crybaby2: :crybaby2: :crybaby2:

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Have you tried resynchonizing your remote key?

Synchronizing remote control:

To synchronize insert electronic key in steering lock.
The remote control should once again be operational.


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1996 S320 W140
I had the same problem. Changed the batteries..synced it. It worked once.

Then back to the problem: no red green lights on mirror indicator. No doors locking or unlocking, no run engine but cranks.
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Aimed the FOB on cell phone cam. No IR blinking. In short, FOB might be toast or bat contacts is bad.

Noticed the positive contact is not making good contact. Intermittent at best and with some looseness , the power becomes intermittent.

Also, I glued an insulator on the inside by the positive connector to shield the bottom bat from touching it.

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After fixing the fob battery issue, still no run but cranks. I suspected an immobilizer issue. But before going to that tedious and expensive path, I decided to check the fuel rail pressure. No pressure at all.
Went under and checked the fuel pump. Nothing is happening at the pump when I had the ignition on.
Took out the pump and here is what I found: Wood Natural material Fluid Cylinder Drink
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It was all gummed up with varnish it can't turn .
The fuel was brown and got lots of varnish draining out with it.

Whats the best way to clean and flush out the tank??
I was thinking about using Sea Foam along w 5 gal fuel and let it soak.

Any suggestion?
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