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Help for a newbie - how does this car sound?

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Hello all - I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place. I am a newbie and want to get some advice from the experts here. I am interested in the vehicle described below but want to get your thoughts before proceeding. I am looking for a daily driver, but being a car guy, I want an awesome classic, and I think the 300SE fits the bill. My current DD is a '94 Land Cruiser, which I absolutely love. I recently changed jobs and will be driving much farther to work, about 30 miles, so I need something more fuel efficient than the 14 MPG I get withe the LC. Obviously, I am looking for more than a fuel efficient car, I love classics and want something that is not just an everyday ride. Anyway, any advice you have would be helpful. If you guys are anywhere near as passionate about the 126 as LC owners are about their rides, I know you will have great advice. Thanks in advance!

Ad below:

Motivated seller: Price reduced from $5500 to $4500. If this is still outside your budget, I will accept offers in-person only,

This car rides smooth, handles nicely, and has power to spare. I have restored it mechanically, and the body and interior are in very good condition for the age. This car has been a Virginia car since new and has no rust.

1991 Mercedes 300 SE
155000 Miles
Fuel efficient 6 cylinder gas engine (22.5 mpg).
65k miles on transmission.
4 new tires Nokian WR G2 all season with snow rating.
New brakes: pads, rotors, hydraulic lines, calipers, master cylinder, fluid.
New front suspension (all new bushings, ball joints, and brake supports).
New alignment.
Rebuilt cruise control.
Cold AC.
Hot heat.
New climate control blower motor.
New climate control vacuum actuators.
New head gasket, radiator, water pump, serpentine belt, belt tensioner, distributor cap, ignition rotor, bosch spark plug wires, Denso Iridium spark plugs.
Genuine Mercedes Benz antifreeze and distiller water mix.
New windshield.
New all weather windshield wipers.
New fog lamp lenses.
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The m103 will leak from the upper timing chain cover and from the rear of the head. The good thing about the HG leaks on the m103 is that the oil will get mixed in the coolant but the coolant will almost never get mixed with the oil. This has been the case of about 4 m103 equipped cars i have personally seen with HG leaks ( including my 2.6 190E). Some people drive with HG leaks for years and just keep changing the coolant every 6 months till they can afford a HG replacement.

Also HG replacement on the m103 is relatively easy.

Also if you want help with the m103 and the CIS system you should post in the W124 forum. There is a lot of info there because most of the 300e's came with the same m103.

And if you want a fuel efficient classic car you can drive everyday, why not a w124? I always thought the m103 is a little bit underpowered for the w126.

lots of m103 info here

- Articles

Good luck!
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