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HELP ! Door stuck in open position !

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I knew I needed a new door stop (check ?), but I haven't had time to take it in. I just opened the rear door and now it won't close. I applied a decent amount of pressure but no luck. Anything I can do to close it temporarily so I can drive the car ???

Is that easy to replace for someone who does not normally work on cars ? That way I can get the part and replace it tomorrow (weekend) instead of waiting to take it in on Monday.

Help is appreciated.....
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The hardest part is removing the interior panel. The strap itself is just held in place by 3x10mm bolts at one end and a metal pin at the other that just taps out when you pull the circlip off.

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Thanks to exceptionally detailed set of instructions on an older post by Geeky1, and a few others I was able to take the door panel off with relative ease and remove the stuck door check.

Thank you for your help....

PS: I was not too terribly impressed by my first experience with Mercedes Roadside Assistance.
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