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Hi fellows, I think i might have did something bad!

I was trying to remove the wood console panel. I was looking at the instructions posted, and it mentioned that the ashtray was supposed to come out. I first removed the screw to get the wood panel off. Then I tried to remove the actual pivoting ashtray. I pulled until i heard a click sound, it popped out half way... I pushed it back in, and now it doesn't open by itself anymore... now I have to explicitly pull the ashtray open.. did I break the spring hinge?

W140Gill, you mentioned the ashtray needs to come out to access the Torx bolts behind. how do I get the ashtray out?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry my friend, I think you have detached the release mechanism from the ash tray. You do not need to force it out. There is a eject button to the right of the ash tray when it is open. This and the wood cover for the ash tray are all that need removing to access the torx bolts.

You may be able to salvage the ashtray. Make sure you havent snapped anything and try to re-seat it with the gears wound back.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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