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1992 SL300
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Any body got any cheese to go with my wine or even better a solution. GRUUsTAKE THE CHALLENGE, PLeeeeeessse
It has been two months My first post March 16thand I still don’t have my wheels. The car still has fuel problems and cannot run, It starts cold but when it warms up the fuel supply doesn‘t control properly, tool rich/too lean and not drivable. There is no Mercedes deal near by and I took my car to a shop that the manager has his own SL’s and Cks and he claim to be very knowledgeable about Mercedes.
Rebuilt fuel distributor from German Star.
New fuel pump even though they measured 65 PSI with the existing system.
New fuel pressure regulator
New spark plugs even though I put in new ones
New EHA valve
About $2000 in parts AND NO RESULTS
From that shop to another small shop that has a Dutch mechanic recently immigrated to Canada that can do the talk and like to show me he can also walk to the talk. He has had the can for a week and a half, but we are still at ground zero and it sounds like he is loosing sleep at night over it. He now believes it may have back fired and bent the level that controls the fuel distributor and is searching out replacement parts. .He belies he can get it running for less than 2K
WHAT DO YOU THINK. Life is just one challenge after anothe
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