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HELP! Daughter's car rear panel below tail light

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My daughter is just here for weekend and asked me to help with small problem. But I know nothing about these cars.

She had a small accident a while ago that broke the driver side tailight. She had a mechanic replace the light, but the panel below is now not locked into place. Quite possible some clip may be broken?

Any advice on how to remove that piece and see what is wrong?

ADDED: I had a closer look. It looks like there are clips that hold that piece in under the taillight. Lowere ones are there, but upper ones are not. Must have been broken off in accident. So waht has to be done - replace the whole bumper cover? Or do shops have a way of repairing the clip area?

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I've never seen a piece sticking out like that on a B.

Was it like that before the mechanic did the repair..?? A good garage could make a repair without having to change everything.
Yes, I am sure the mechanic just changed the light. But the tabs on the bumper covering below the light must have got broken in the collision and he just left it like that.

Looks to me like it needs a complete new bumper cover. Or a DIY repair of some type to re-attach the cover.
Ours has popped slightly loose from time to time, not anything like your photo though, and I just push it in again. The car has had that since it was new.

I'm sure a DIY is possible....don't waste cash on a bumper cover.
I am sure you are right. They are now back in Toronto, so I suspect it will stay like that unless she come back down and gives me enough time to try and fix it.

I doubt glueing on new tabs would work, but would need to dismantle to see what can be done.
Search this forum. Someone did up a detailed photo writeup about taking off the bumper cover to cut and fit a MB hitch and someone else did one on inserting parktronic sensors. So those pics of the removal of rear bumper cover should help.
I had done a search and found this link:

Probably in WIS too.

I will have another look at car when we are in Toronto in a few eeks time.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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