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HELP! Daughter's car rear panel below tail light

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My daughter is just here for weekend and asked me to help with small problem. But I know nothing about these cars.

She had a small accident a while ago that broke the driver side tailight. She had a mechanic replace the light, but the panel below is now not locked into place. Quite possible some clip may be broken?

Any advice on how to remove that piece and see what is wrong?

ADDED: I had a closer look. It looks like there are clips that hold that piece in under the taillight. Lowere ones are there, but upper ones are not. Must have been broken off in accident. So waht has to be done - replace the whole bumper cover? Or do shops have a way of repairing the clip area?

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Ours has popped slightly loose from time to time, not anything like your photo though, and I just push it in again. The car has had that since it was new.

I'm sure a DIY is possible....don't waste cash on a bumper cover.
Pull it out a bit, dab some Crazy Glue on the tabs and then re-insert and hold?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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