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Merc C180 Espirit Auto
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Hope someone can help/advise!!

I have a rusty but faithful (Until now that is) 99 C180 Espirit Auto.
Due to having my recently bought a new car, my Merc has been stood and unused for a month.

I went to try to open it using the auto key fob thing, and nothing!(Car battery 100% dead). So I changed the batteries in the said key fob to make sure they were 100% and still nothing!

Helpful bloke at my local Merc dealer (YES helpful!), said to use the manual key which is in the auto key to open the boot manually, but advised me that more than likely however that won't work as people never use them and they seize up............put plenty of WD40 in the lock.............and sure enough it won't open.

So I now have the issue of a DEAD car, and as I can't get in the boot to change the battery, I can't even move it!!!!!!

Thoughts and advice (Without laughing!), would be very much apprecated.

By the way the additional car I have bought is a Chrysler Crossfire Roadster...superb! 3.2 V6 Merc motor and gearbox ETC made in the Karman factory.
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