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Help buying used CL55

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Hello everyone! My first post on the forum, due to me needing some help with deciding on which car to purchase. Interested in a CL55. Now I have experience with lots of friends AMGs (S65, C63, E55) etc but this will be my first. What should I look for? What to beware of? I have pinpointed two that have caught my eye. One is a 2006 with 83k miles (sadly no keyless go; really wanted that feature) or a 2004 with 79k miles. Now I have spoke to the owner of the 2004, and he said he had all service records, just replaced the front bushings/coolant flush, and also notified me it had a tune/pulley upgrade. Still awaiting response on the 06..although I definitely prefer the black interior. Anyways would the 2006 still be more reliable than the 2004 due to it being the final year of the CL55? All feedback is welcome. Oh also will attach links for both
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Make sure there are no issues with the ABC suspension would be the biggest. That's the w215's biggest achilles heel. I'd take the one with the most documentation on maintenance for the money you are going to spend.

Supercharger pulley. I've heard these go bad. Not sure exactly what to look for here. Maybe some bearing noises in that area?

As far as reliability I don't the 06 has anything over the 04. I can't say I've ever read anything comparing them. I like the black with tan interior.
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