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2004 C240 4Matic
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Hello Benzworld,

I just had an aftermarket stereo installed in my 2004 c240. The installer accidentally ripped one of the wires out of its plug on the bag of the climate control console. The plug was immediately behind the knob which goes from 0-6 and controls the fan speed. The wire is now detached from the little, black, plastic plug, and the plug is broken and cannot be attached to the wire. The wire is black and flat, and it is not ripped. The plastic plug had little metal prongs which pierced the flat wire when it was attached to it. Now that the plug is detached from the wire, you can see several little holes in the wire where the plug was attached.

The consequence of this is that I do not have any air blowing through the defrost and top vents; however, I still have air blowing at the bottom/feet, and I can control the fan speed and temperature of the bottom/feet.

The installer is calling the MB service center on Monday, but in the interim, does anyone know if this is going to be a simple fix? Do I just need a new black plug and the wire will attach to it and plug into the back of the center console? Any ideas?
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