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Help! Breather cover crack on driver side Valve cover.

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I was getting ready to do the wires and plugs on the driver side and noticed a tear or crack blown outward on to of the breather cover on the driver side valve cover.

Didn't look like it was harmful but, should I change with a new breather cover or just seal it up.

Any ideas?


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If it's all the way through you definitely need to fix it. Remove it and clean it up (a dremel-type tool will help) and then patch it with some JB weld, both inside and out.

At least you'll have resealed it to the valve cover when you're finished so that won't need to be done for a while. ;)

Good luck.
Sounds like good news. Although you wouldn't hear air, it's very low volume and it would be sucking, not blowing. That's kind of a separator and it's part of what MB uses in place of a PCV valve.

If it's not all the way through, then I'd take a Dremel to it on the outside and get some nice shiny metal, then use the JB weld on the outside only. Reinforce it before it does crack through.

Good luck.
Me too! As often as I have been under the hood I never saw that until I had to change the wires. As long as I can get it done I am fine I need to reseal the breather cover anyway small amounts of oil has been coming out for some time now.

Anyone know if the breather has a gasket kit like the one for the valve or a use a sealant tube paste?
For most things in life there are not stickies.

For a majority of things with your car, there are. ;)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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