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1997 S320
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I finally decided spend some time and money on this car. I came back to grad school so don’t have huge budget but I will try to do whatever I can. Any suggestions, recommendations are welcome.
So far I changed blower regulator, repaired vacuum pump (one under the seat-with a new motor), repaired issues related to sunroof,
As of now I am replacing:
Driver side windows regulator- just ordered and will install this week hopefully (Thanks to detailed instructions made by forum members)
Door lock actuator – I have a lazy driver side lock and I already opened the door for windows regulator I decided to change that too. Only problem is, according to pdf file I downloaded I suppose to pull back to sleeve to release the rod but there is some kind of cover on top and couldn’t find the way to reach it.
Also changing fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, cabin filters

Now for the body as you can see from the pictures there are small dents and rusting areas need to be fixed any suggestions without painting whole car welcome.
Arm rest is also seems ugly might need some suggestions for that
Little rip on the driver seats probably require some professional touch
There are discoloration on bumper (it is not painted) any cleaning/restoration technique to recommend?
While I hate to change or modify any originality on the car, for the handles and the mirrors I might buy some chrome third party covers. If you have any other suggestions (getting rid of the blemishes on handle?) please let me know
And last thing I want to do is related interior wood parts (sorry for the dirty pictures I was doing some works in there) as you can see from the pictures there are cracks all over the wood parts any recommendations suggestions for DIY please let me know


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