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I’ve been having some major issues with my 2005 CLK 500 this week and am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or could offer some insight.

The backstory: after noticing some vibration while driving my back drivers side tire burst on the highway. Upon examining it/ putting on the donut, I noticed that it was damaged from the inside. It almost appeared to be shredded. This made me think that something was rubbing or putting pressure on the tire. I immediately got my back tires replaced and went to a shop for an alignment. They informed me that my right front lower control arm was damaged, so I replaced it the same day. After doing all of these repairs I hoped that my car would be driving better, but it isn’t. While there is no longer any vibration/ thumping, I can feel it lean slightly from side to side. I noticed that it feels like it’s preferring to lean on the drivers side wheels more - except when I make left turns. Additionally, if I turn the steering wheel sharply back and forth I can feel it re-align before leaning back on the drivers side. This issue with the titling didn’t start until the tire burst. I consulted the alignment report and noticed that the left front camber was still in the red. I’m not a professional so I’m not sure what the standard for my car is, but it made me concerned with the alignment job done to my car. I’m worried that my tires will get chewed up again - considering they were fairly new I was unhappy to have to replace them in the first place.
Any recs/insight is much appreciated! I love this car and want to keep it in good shape.
I included the alignment report in case that helps.
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