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1965, 200
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Hey i posted up the other day about how i could not find any info on my 1965 200. I recieved some helpful info, but could anyone tell me if this was a US sold model or if the model 200 was only sold over seas. This car has the 4 speed 4 cylinder which i noticed most of the cars i see on ebay and so on have the 6 cylinder also. Also could you tell me if this car is considered rare or valuable? I got this car from my father, who recieved it when he bought out a business where the man who owned it passed away and it was tucked inside the building where the business was. So I know everything is original except for the exterior paint, but i figured that i would fix it up if it was worth anything, but i dont want to put money into something that is not worth it. Thanks for the help!!
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