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Help - 404 broken inlvet valve spring

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Made a rather disastrous discovery (given it's mogstock in 10 days!) today while doing valve clearances. We've got a broken valve spring. It's the outer one of an inlet valve.

I haven't fiddled with valves for 15 or more years, and all my memories involve taking the head off. Someone, please tell me this isn't the case.


PS - anyone got a spring kicking around? :)
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Take out the spark plug, turn the engine to BDC for that cylinder,
Agree cotton cord is much better than using air. This may be an unnecessary reminder but you have two BDC in a cycle. Make sure that it is before the compression stroke so both valves are shut and the cord doesn't cause you grief by bending the other valve.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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