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Please R107 gods and goddesses, I need help.

Working on a friend's '72 350SL that started up after 8 years of storage...and then gradually lost spark while in my garage (while replacing brakes so not associated.) I took the Benzworld suggestion and ordered and installed a Pertronix 1885. Tried first with the switchgear and nothing. (Well, actually I saw a random very tiny low voltage jump from the tower of the coil once when I tried to test a small jump from the tower to the wire.) Then tried bypassing the switchgear using the directions. I now have Pertronix black to coil negative, and red to positive and positive to the hot side of the .4ohm resistor. I have a wire running from the screw on the body of the dizzy to the battery ground. Nothing - no spark jumping even jumping from the coil tower. I've tried the stock coil, a Bosch red coil I have and a Flamethrower I grabbed out of another car. There is power to the coil at the + with the ignition on .

Any ideas? I'm guessing I just have a DOA Pertronix.

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Wiring sounds to be same as diagrams posted in EGV107.

Only suggestions:
- Make sure magnets are all the way down and aligned with pick up coil as in this pic.
- Double check that power is coming from ignition switch side of 0.4ohm resistor and that you are getting 12v while cranking. Maybe run a wire from battery. Don't leave it connected - just touch it while cranking, otherwise chance of burning out the 1885. Same can happen if ignition switch left on while trying to trouble shoot.
- Maybe call Pertronix and ask if they have suggestions for testing the Pertronix before you return it?
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