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Help! 2011 E550C Issues.

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Hi, I am new to BenzWorld so forgive me if I bring up questions that are buried deep in an old thread somewhere.
I purchased a CPO 2011 E550C this May and I have been informed that the brakes, both pads and rotors need to be replaced. I have driven it for 6k miles.
Is this normal?
I have also had an abysmal time with the Sirius. This is my third MB and it is the first time I have had serious satellite problems. I think they changed the antenna when it first happened but there has been no improvement. What have any of you done with this issue?
Gear shifting seems erratic sometimes as well. Once I thought I was hit from behind, but it was just a rough gear change. There is also an engine smell coming through to the cabin when all the air is off. Do you think it is related? BTW, I was told that I am confusing the CPU that runs the gear changing, but I can't seem to confuse the C250 they have loaned me.
Let me know what you think BenzWorld.
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Thanks for your reply. I have 31K miles on the car, but they apparently replaced the pads and measured the rotors to allow it to qualify for CPO.
Sirius blamed MB for not updating their software and MB blame Sirius for providing poor signal...
The car has been in for the transmission problem and I am assuming that they did in fact reset the transmission adaptation, however since the problem still exists I am hoping they forgot.
Like I said it is my third MB, 2007 E350 was my first and I had zero issues, then a 2008 ML550 which required a new engine after a month of ownership. This wee monster did not require new brakes for 30K or rotors for that matter, that is why I am concerned about my 2011 E550C
Thank you guys for getting back to me and confirming my suspicions,

I spoke to my dealer and they are telling me the pads were new at CPO inspection, however, the rotors are warped and in turn wrecked the pads. I have agreed to give them $330 for new front rotors and brake pads.

I have explained to the dealer that I do not want the car back until the issue is resolved. A friend of a friend works for Daimler and he had to get involved before when it came to dealing with my old ML550.

The dealer did find the cause of the smell I have been complaining about and it was an oil leak dripping onto the catalytic convertor! And the Sirius unit has already been swapped out, any ideas about solving that one?

BTW, that $330 has cost the dealer a sale of a 2015 GLA for my wife.
What was happening with your transmission?
Island -

It was roughly, intermittently, downshifting from 5th to 4th gear, and occasional rough upshifts in other gear pairs... the biggest and most prevalent and concerning issue was this rough 5th-->4th downshift[QUOTE}

Sounds like my issue. It felt like the first time I tried to change gears when I was learning shift 25 years ago!

Keep me informed if you have the time.
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