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Help! 2011 E550C Issues.

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Hi, I am new to BenzWorld so forgive me if I bring up questions that are buried deep in an old thread somewhere.
I purchased a CPO 2011 E550C this May and I have been informed that the brakes, both pads and rotors need to be replaced. I have driven it for 6k miles.
Is this normal?
I have also had an abysmal time with the Sirius. This is my third MB and it is the first time I have had serious satellite problems. I think they changed the antenna when it first happened but there has been no improvement. What have any of you done with this issue?
Gear shifting seems erratic sometimes as well. Once I thought I was hit from behind, but it was just a rough gear change. There is also an engine smell coming through to the cabin when all the air is off. Do you think it is related? BTW, I was told that I am confusing the CPU that runs the gear changing, but I can't seem to confuse the C250 they have loaned me.
Let me know what you think BenzWorld.
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You can reset the transmission adaptation, there is a simple process you can go through in your car to do this -- someone can get you the sequence. This may resolve your transmission issue once it re-learns your driving style.

How many original miles on the car including your 6k miles? brakes and rotors wearing out are a product of the driver's braking style.... this can vary from car to car.

I have not had issues with sirius in my 2k14 .. they need to address this in your car.. you can also have sirius re-set the signal to your car, you can call them and you'll have to have the car out in the open outside a garage and you'll need your Sirius radio ID, channel 0 or channel 1 on your radio. Call their 800 number, it may solve your connection issues
Agreed, rotors should last longer -- how do you know you need new rotors -- are they warped, are they squeaking/grinding? The pads should not have gone below 10% in 6k miles...

I would keep pushing the transmission issue, and then get corporate MBUSA involved and this will light a fire under your dealership's ass to find a real solution. That's what I'm doing with my 2k14 that's been in the shop for 2 weeks with a bad transmission.

best advice I ever got was to involve MBUSA (new jersey, you can google the phone number, customer care division)
Island -

It was roughly, intermittently, downshifting from 5th to 4th gear, and occasional rough upshifts in other gear pairs... the biggest and most prevalent and concerning issue was this rough 5th-->4th downshift

I would have sirius reset the signal -- try that -- do you have any radio devices in the vehicle? I have a baby monitor that uses radio frequency to transmit the signal to the video monitor and that would interfere with the sirius in my wife's Infiniti -- when we turned the monitor off, sirius was perfect, when we turned it on, sirius would keep "searching for signal" and be spotty with the connection. It took a while to figure that one out.

Glad they found the cause of the leak -- guess CPO isn't what they claimed it was -- but perhaps the leak occurred after you purchased the CPO vehicle?

You shouldn't have had to pay anything for the rotors/pads -- but $330 bought you at least 20-30k of trouble free braking .. so that's good.
The sirius in my 2k14 is flawless... wonder if they changed something...
island -- they're saying I have a defective valve body (a part that it's in the bottom of the transmission case) -- they'll have the part replaced by thursday and will retest to see if I have harsh shifting... will update as we go, thanks for your interest
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