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Help! 2011 E550C Issues.

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Hi, I am new to BenzWorld so forgive me if I bring up questions that are buried deep in an old thread somewhere.
I purchased a CPO 2011 E550C this May and I have been informed that the brakes, both pads and rotors need to be replaced. I have driven it for 6k miles.
Is this normal?
I have also had an abysmal time with the Sirius. This is my third MB and it is the first time I have had serious satellite problems. I think they changed the antenna when it first happened but there has been no improvement. What have any of you done with this issue?
Gear shifting seems erratic sometimes as well. Once I thought I was hit from behind, but it was just a rough gear change. There is also an engine smell coming through to the cabin when all the air is off. Do you think it is related? BTW, I was told that I am confusing the CPU that runs the gear changing, but I can't seem to confuse the C250 they have loaned me.
Let me know what you think BenzWorld.
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CPO Re-conditioning

All CPO cars get new pads, oil change, filters, etc. as part of the 're-conditioning'. This is a re-set to get the car in good as new condition, and allows the MB extended warranty. So even if the parts are still good, they are replaced with new.
My CPO had a pretty long list of new parts including floor mats.
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