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1999 Golf GTI
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Am on the verge of ordering a new CLK. Had my heart set on a CLK 240 Avantgarde with lots of toys – Command / leather electric seats / sunroof / auto / parktronic etc and managed to get a first price from the dealer of about Euro 50K, which is my budget.

I tested the car and loved it – Found it very smooth and powerful enough for my needs and a nice engine note to boot.

I’ve just been speaking to a cousin of mine who is a Mercedes fanatic and although pleased that I’m choosing a Merc he said that whatever I should do I should NOT choose the 240. He said that despite it being smooth, it’s an old engine that guzzles fuel and, in his opinion, shouldn’t still be in service. He said I should go for either the 200 Kompressor ( Am not keen) 270 CDI ( I do lots of short trips round the city which would wreck a diesel engine) and finally the 320. I just used the 320 configurator and it came up at about 60K which is way over my budget, and that’s not considering the increased insurance costs etc.

When it comes to cars and Mercs in particular I generally trust his judgement but is he right in this case? Is the 240 as thirsty and bad as he says? I’d really appreciate hearing the views of other owners to hear what they have to say.

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