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Hi all. I have actually been patrolling the forums for weeks, but decided to make an account two weeks ago when I had a question. Here is a little about me.

Grew up in a household where my family only owned Benzs (and they have kept them forever.)

Currently, I own two.

1. An Emerald Green 1995 Mercedes Benz E420 Special Edition. (Have checked, it is one.)
Miles: Odometer says 216,397. However, it stopped working five years ago, and my dad never replaced it. According to the oil changes, we are at 333,000 miles.
History: My dad bought the car when it had 150k miles on it and really didn't take care of it. He did the standard oil and transmission changes for the car, and susprisingly, it has lasted this long. The car used to be 100% original. (Just changed the control arms and starter.) It has mainly been our traveling car. Already this year it has been to eight different states. I plan on making this my main car after I fix the interior/exterior.

2. A sapphire Black 1995 e420 Special Edition (found it in Atlanta)
Miles: 123,768
History: Previously a one owner, and bought for $3000 after it was no longer needed. Decided to just keep it garaged and had it as a back up/date night car.

As you can possibly see, I have a personal preference for the w124s, and you'll probably see me in that forum alot. Thanks for letting me join the forums guys.

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