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I have been to this forum a few times when searching for help for my car. I found it very useful, thanks.

I am the third owner of a 1981 240D. I bought it 11 years ago and said then I think it can last me 20 years. Well, I have 9 to go and it wouldn't surprise me if I still get 20 more. The car has 230,000 miles on it, that's it. I drive about 3,000 miles per year. I get 27 MPG with it, always have. Repairs and maintainence have been minor. I changed the battery twice, and the starter once. I recently had a leak in the crankshaft seal and my nephew fixed that for me for $200. Problem was, he is lazy and kept the car for a month. when rent was due, he went to work. I can't complain about the price, the radiator had to come out....It has one crazy problem that would cost hundreds to solve. If I drive over 40 MPH, the windshield wipers turn on! I live with that easily enough, it rarely rains where I live and I can take out the fuse when I leave town. Within city limits, I never go over 40 MPH.

Now, I have a new problem I am needing help with and will start a thread shortly. Glad to meet everyone who also drives the best make of car in the world!
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