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hi, greetings,

this is my first post, i just got my ml270cdi 2 weeks ago ( a model 2004 with 35000km) - and i´m perfectly happy...

great forum, been lurking for the past weeks, very informative and great pictures.

c ya around


by the way...this lottery sux badly...nice idea though- i´d suggest one more improvement to "Manzini ltd " - don´t refund anything at all, charge 5000GBP per ticket - this will help maximize profits and you won´t even sell fewer tickets!!

the lottery will run as long as it takes to sell all 175 tickets; if that is 3 days, then its three days. if it takes four weeks, then it takes four weeks. However if it takes longer than 10 weeks we`ll offer the existing ticket owners the outstanding tickets - if we are still unable to sell all the tickets we`ll end the lottery and 50% of your ticket purchase price will be refunded to you. So inform all your friends and family about this offer so we can make sure to sell all 175 tickets as soon as possible.


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Welcome ... now take that thing off-road already. LOL
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