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Hello R172 Forum! Just took delivery of a used SLK250!

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Hello All!!!!

I just took delivery of a used SLK250 in gray with black interior and a 6 speed manual transmission. As I type this my wife is taking it for a little drive to see what it can do.

This is our third Mercedes - first is a 2005 C230 that will go up for sale now - functionally this will replace that as my "fun car". 15 years and 175K miles on that C and I drove it like I stole it. Second is a '15 E that my wife got a couple years ago used off lease. Looking forward to tips and tricks here!!!!
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I just opened up the spare tire section while cleaning my C230K. Looks like the wind deflector was never removed from the trunk! I wonder if the previous owner ever put the top down. I was concerned that I didn't get a wind deflector but there it was never used.
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