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Hello! Just checking in!

As a former active member I wanted to check in an see how everyone is doing. Any old guys left or did everyone move on to other cars.

I still drive my 98 Lexus LS 400, and added another car to my collection, my first love. 1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. In mint condition. I had a few back in the day and just always loved them

Ill be honest. I miss my S500 Benz so much, almost every weekend I am half tempted to sell the Lexus and go get a mint S500.
I also want a 2001-2003 BMW 540 or 530 6-speed. or a Lexus LS430, 2003-up. Both in my price range, just have to get around to selling my car first.

But every time I see a nice W140 I go nuts. I want it so much!!!!

Advice to those who still own one. If it is not sucking the last drop of blood or dollar out of you, dont sell it. I sold mine when I was 26, living on my own, and I just couldnt keep up with the car any more. It was not making any sense to keep it so I sold it.

I love the 92-94 cars, the body looks so nice. 96 is my favorite. 5-speed auto, need climate control, but Nicer older rims, and back lights are nicer. I like amber lights in the back.

Anyhow, just wanted to say whats up!

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