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First let me start of apologizing my English :) it is not the best.

I have a big desire to swap my automatic transmission to a manual. I am a chauffeur in my country and love driving manual other automatic; whether new or old. I have been doing a bit of research online about manual swapping however i find it difficult to get relevant information for a 280slc.
For an example there is a lot of information for 90s cars with ecu's but that is not relevant for a 70s car.
The biggest struggle for me is figuring out what manual box can i salvage from another car that would fit (or fit the easiest)
I also is wondering of peoples knowledge, things i should keep in mind or things that i would need to modify.
(how many gears is not very important as long as i can get a manual)

(i am a handy man and have been working a lot on cars. so i feel capable to take upon this work :)

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717.400 is mechanical speedo 5 speed
717.402 is electronic speedo 5 speed

And you'll need the pedals, shifter and linkages, master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder etc etc.

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Go online and get a CD of the Electronic Parts Catalogue for the 107.
Get the part #'s that are for the manual, put them in the "search" section at top
and you'll get a list of all the Merc models that used them. 114,116 and 123
come immediately to mind. For tranny's you have your choice of three,
that bolt to the M110,the slope nose 4-spd, the cast iron, 2 piece 5-spd and the one piece
aluminum case 5-spd. Like Nobby said, that's just scratching the surface.

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A small sample of the major parts

D716001 (359) G76/18 B 4 speed
D716006 (359) G76/18 D 4 speed
D716007 (359) G76/18 E 4 speed
D717000 (02M) G76/27 5 speed

A1100300705 Fly wheel

A0102502603 4 speed clutch disk
A0102502903 5 speed clutch disk

A0042501904 pressure plate.

A0002506815 release bearing
A1152900029 clutch fork

A1152512601 bell housing.
A1152506905 bell housing.

A1072900119 Bearing bracket Left hand drive

A0012958706 Clutch master

A0012956807 Slave Cyl

Most of the 5 speed parts can be found on the 126 and late 123's also the 201. The pedal bearing was only used on the 107 and 116. All other parts were used on just about every model from 107 to 126.

You really need to find that CD 107Merc recommended.
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