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Hello, Im a recent first time buyer of a Mecedes Benz. From the day I rode in my first Rad Taxi in Germany in the early 80's, I realized that the MB was a cut above anything I had ridden in prior (Military service). I've never felt I could afford to take the plunge until a few weeks ago when I bought My 1988 MB 300TE for $1500. It runs nicely and only has 160K miles on it. Its far from a cream puff but beautiful in its own ways and with a little TLC and tinkering should be a great runner!

I've been an Electro-Mechanical Technician/ Engineer for 30+ years and have no problem getting down and dirty. Years ago, I gave up on doing my own auto wrenching because of the frustratiion of not having a descent dry place to do it but have recently been back swinging my meter and wrenches with the TE and my toolboxes now that I have a barn to play in.

My wife and mechanic think Im crazy but Im ready for the challenges. I've already fixed 90% of the electrical glitches and working on some of the mechanics now. I joined this site because it was obvious that there was a wealth of information here and Im gonna need it. Its paid off already and I look forward to chatting with others that have learned what I have yet to about owning and fixing an older MB.

See ya round the Benz!

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