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2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 4matic
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Hello fellow car nuts! I've been lurking on the site for a few weeks while looking for the E-class that I wanted. This site has been a huge help to me. I love the stickies for each class of car and it made searching for things a snap. It saved you all from me jumping on and asking the same questions you've all seen a hundred times.... HA.

I just entered the Mercedes world this week. My wife and I picked up a 2000 Mercedes E320 4matic (with 18" AMG wheels) for a really good deal. It had 149,000 miles on it and the wholesaler had got it at an auction a few months before. Dealer Nada and Kelly Blue Book is close to $10,000 but he had sat on it a while (he barely did any advertising at all on it). I beat him up and got from $7,495 to $5,200 (along with having them replace the CPS sensor, and they had already just put on new brakes all around, a new battery, cleaned EGR valve, and a new Cat Convertor. I had it up on their lift and noticed trans fluid around the pan (later researching here guessing it was the electrical conn./pilot bushing). There was also the white oil on the oil cap and in the breather valves so I noted that (more later).

There were some maintenance records in the manual binder, but other than that I don't have the history on the car. I do know the Harmonic Balancer was done in 2005 through the recall along with regular dealer maintenance through the warranty period.

I have learned a lot reading here and other places about common problems with the W210's ... so I thought I'd post what things I've done since we got the car 4 days ago:


Pilot bushing / transmission electrical connector - I follwed the sticky tutorial here and did that one today. It was wet inside so I put a new one on. The tutorial on it was helpful, but I had to learn a few things the hard way as I went. Heh. You have to push the bushing in pretty hard before the screw will grab. I thought I had stripped it or something. It also helped to use a straight screwdriver handle/7mm socket to get it going.

EGR Valve - they had cleaned the tube, but the code didn't stay off so I figured I might as well replace the entire valve. I cleared the CEL code but it came back on the next day. Need to scan it again and probably need to replace the breather hoses (they were dry and the cracked a little when I removed to clean the breather holes out --- which were way clogged).

Serpentine belt & Idler Pulley - it looked new when I inspected the car but 2 days later it was shredding. It turned out to be the c-clamp on the radiator hose was touching it. Easy fix with a new Dayco belt. I did inspect the Idler Pulley Bearing while it was off and it needs replaced soon to. It is leaking inside and showing rust. I have it on order.

Door Contact Switch - the seat belt strikes again! The courtesty light wasn't coming on like it should and I noticed the drivers door switch was broken in. Replaced and works like a charm now.

Climate control module light - light wasn't coming on at night so I read about the bulb here and got it for $4.50 at the dealer and borrowed their radio removal tool to pop it out. You just have to ask nicely I suppose. :)

Synthetic Oil and filter change - I hadn't read Greg's thread on the oil change yet and I just got Mobil1 5W30 because I thought that's what I should use. I have since read that I should be using 0W40 that meets the specs. Ugh.

Wiper blade - I put this because the old one must've fell off in the past and it left a nasty scratch on the window. Need to figure out how to try and remove/minimze it if possible.

Rear license plate bulbs - silly little things to get to

Front headllight replaced

Tune up - check spark plugs and replace if needed, fuel filter, etc

Mass Air Flow - I think this might need replaced, it looks like it was cleaned already, no code throwing, but I am light on power I think. 0-60 times are at about 8.5 seconds, which is slow.

Idler bearing pulley - needs replaced soon

New EGR hoses - to replace the ones I cracked - I hope that's why the CEL light is still on

Polish headlights - got a kit to do it with a drill

Repair AMG wheels - someone curbed it more than once

Windshield washer fluid cap - it broke apart and then fell off. I think they used acid to degrease the engine maybe? I know....


I look forward to being a part of the forum and hope to become an expert and help others too.



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