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Hella Xenon right bulb is dying. Any input will help lots!

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I have a 2002 ML500 with Halogens. I switched them with aftermarket Hella Xenons in 2003. I guess they are the OEM Hella Xenons. Anyhow, the right bulb is now just starting to flicker. The color output is now blue-ish as compared to the left bulb, which is more white. It looks as though the bulb is dying.

What can I do to resolve this problem? I think I need to get a replacement bulb and that should fix it. Can anyone please point me to the right direction? Also, if I do need to replace the bulb, where can I get the replacement?

Any input is totally appreciated! Thank you in advance!

- David
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OEM Hella

They're the OEM Hella Bi-Xenon with the entire housing. They're from Performance Products. I installed them in 2003. After 4 years, it is now dying.

They're not the cheap aftermarket kit you may be referring to. But thank you for the heads up on ordering a pair instead of one bulb. I think you are right that the color will be impossible to match.

I've checked with and they don't carry the OSRAM D2S 35w 4200K bulbs.

Anyone know where I could get these bulbs besides the dealers? Thanks again.
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Hello Jim!'s been a long time. How are you? How is your daughter? She must have graduated from Berkeley by now. Congrats!

Anyhow, thank you for your suggestion! Your referral is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I think the correct web address is: Auto Parts at AutohausAZ - OEM Auto Parts - Discount Replacement Parts, Resources and Car Care Tips

I know I've been MIA on this forum for a long time. I just started a family (8 week old baby girl) so I've been pretty tied up. Well, I hope all is well with you and your family.

Thanks again, Jim!

I don't know if I could trust an overseas retailer. Getting stuck at customs is an unnecessary worry I don't want to deal with. Thanks for your input, tho!
hello AC_ML

It's great to see on this forum still! It's been a long time!

You know...your reply above was copied and paste from your other thread because I remember reading it during my search for past topics on xenon bulbs replace before I made this post.

Anyhow, you're definitely right about condensation and about touching the bulb. I will definitely keep them in mind when I replace the bulbs!

Thanks again.
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