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I got my VIN info back from the classic center and it said I had heated seats. I don't have any switches in the console, but when I lifted the console a bit I see two plugs with a few female receptors that look like they would plug into switches. It looks like I have wiring into the seats as well, but I have not traced everything yet. Were these cars just pre-wired so they could use a generic harness? I found what appears to be an antique coax-type fitting behind the glovebox, assume that was for a car phone or something?

It is very possible this isn't the original console wood, this car is turning out to be more of a Franken-car than anticipated..... but if anyone knows what else these plugs would be, and/or if they would be there if the seats didn't have heat (also may not be original seats, who knows...) it would help: I am going to order new wood and carpet soon, and I could order a console piece with the correct cutouts and find switches.


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Sounds like your wood has been replaced. Be sure to ohm out the seats before energizing them! Switches can be found from numerous places (EBAY), including your dealer...

I think I saw switches on Ebay the other day... I know I saw window switches, antenna switches, and mirror switches.

Good Luck!

PS wood is also available, although usually expensive. Are heated seats worth it? For me their not. MBH does love hers in the LS; however...
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