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Heat will not turn on

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I drove my 1990 190E 2.6 on Sunday before the big storm hit us here on the east coast, and on Monday while I was trying to clean my car off the heat would not turn on whatsoever. I figured that it might be a fuse so I checked the fuse box and read the cover to figure out which fuse controls the heating system. After finding that, I checked all other equipment listed to be on the same fuse and they all work. I know some about working on cars but just the basics and some diagnosing. One thing that I did notice is that whenever you turn on the climate system on with any of the push buttons, you hear a clicking noise from the system (not from the button itself) that can be heard from the vents. Sounds to be as if the system is turning on and nothing is happening. I tried turning on my AC and the same thing happens. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since its so cold out right now and I need a working car to drive.
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Push button control unit in your center console ![:o)]...

Push button control unit in your center console ![:eek:)]
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