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Hear One click and wont start

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happen one month ago and then again today. When I get into the truck. I insert the key and turn and all I hear is one click and the truck wont start. Try again and just one click and wont start.
I put the truck in neutral and try to start and she started.

What can it be??

Afraid the next time it's not going to start. Not even sure putting it into neutral had anything to do with it starting.

I am thinking...Maybe starter..120K miles and never been changed
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Mario, one click usually signifies a bad starter, connections at the starter, or a bad battery connection. Also check ground W16 at firewall.


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Good to hear from you 43rd. Thanks for the info.. Going to check the connections.
That happened to me and I just had to change my Battery Lead cables (pretty cheap and easy to do). I was then good to go. You might have to reset your throttle once your car starts back up though, the revs will go up and down and you will have no acceleration. Its an easy reset don't be scared when that happens.
If the car didn't start in park ( did you try wiggling the shifter while in park?) but did in neutral I'd suggest looking at the neutral safety switch as well as battery connections.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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