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Headliner support bar Q

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I’m having my headliner card recovered. On the back lip of the sunroof there is a aluminum bar that runs the length of the sunroof.

It looks like the bar attaches to the roof and the headliner is glued to it..( think) after the card is installed.

My question is, when you have the card recovered, does this piece get glued with the rest? I’m confused.

Also, the little plastic pieces that tuck up into the sunroof right and left. Should I hand those over to the shop who is recovering? .....what a mess that old glue is!!

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When replacement headliner cards were available they were a direct replacement with no additional gluing necessary. So those pieces, if glued, were part of the original assembly. Did you have to remove any screws securing them to the roof supports?
No screws. The bar is press fit to a lip behind the sunroof panel. It holds the card tight to that area. Not a great design considering the wind turbulence from the sunroof. I could probably fit it after word but it would depend on the fabric that is used. I know to steer clear of thick foam backed fabric. I may just go with the marine-type vinyl with no foam.
Well the original design held up for over 30 years. The only thing that failed was the foam dissolved. If it were me, I would try cleaning off all the old glue on the card and the fabric and reattach it with contact cement. The right foam would hold up well into the next 20 years.
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You could help if you answer the following questions:

1. Would you be fabricating an exact replica of the original headliner design?

2. What would you charge (including labor and materials)?

3. Where are you located?

I suspect it would be advantageous if you could ship complete headliners but I'm not sure if you do that.
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