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Vito 115 4x4
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Additional turn signal WY 5 W

Halogen headlamps: daytime driving lights/side lamp/parking lamp W 21/5 W
Bi-xenon headlamps: side lamp/parking lamp W 5 W

Turn signal lamps PY 21 W

Halogen headlamps: foglamp H7 55 W
Bi-xenon headlamp: foglamp/cornering light function H7 55 W

Bi-xenon headlamp: daytime driving lights LED

Halogen headlamps: main-beam headlamps H7 55 W

Halogen headlamps: dipped-beam headlamps H7 55 W
Bi-xenon headlamps: dipped-beam/main-beam headlamps D1S-35 W

Additional turn signal lamp on the roof P 21 W

Brake lamp, tail lamp/parking lamp P 21/5 W

Turn signal lamps PY 21 W

Reversing lamp P 21 W

Rear foglamp (driver's side) P 21 W

Licence plate illumination W 5 W
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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