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ravioliiiii - 2/7/2005 11:12 PM

I'm very confused about xenon are these the ones i see on the new maximas...whenever i'm driving on the highway and i see a maxima or an acura tl or a beemer..and it hits a bump i see the headlights go from like white to purplish and stuff...they look reeli hot r those xenons? if so what r bi xenons...and do all the new ML's come with it? or is it that they just come with the new headlights but not the actual xenon bulbs but just a regular bulb....if someone can answer those questions...ill be less confused about all of this. thank youu....and how much do xenon bulbs run you? thank you
Let me shed a bit of light on, well, your light questions .. LOL

Xenons, or HID's (High Intensity Discharge) lights are comprised of two items. A bulb filled with xenon gas that varies in color from 2000K-12000K (the higher the more blue, but then the higher the less the light is produced) most high end car companies use 4300K (BMW, Infinity, Lexus .. etc) but I believe 6000K is the best compromise in color and intensity (that's what I have on my ML) and a balast that ignites the xenon gas in the bulb. The kits run anywhere from $250 a pair to $750 a pair depending on brand and intensity etc. Some ML's come with Bi-xenons and some dont, it's an option and an aftermarket addition as well. Lastly Bi-xenons just mean the low beam and high beams are xenon lighting. I hope I helped instead of confused .. LOL.
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