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Thanks !

No one here has ever posted that work on lens cleaning. I never knew that they could go milky deep inside the inner lens.

We all must now have a closer look at our older B's and see if that is also taking place. I thought that your problem was just behind the large clear plastic outer lens..but I was wrong.

Good work and great photos once again !

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Thank you DEVOURS! I hope this can help someone... I was "studying" the procedure many days ago... And yes indeed it's not reported around the net... Maybe most people haven't even noticed it except 1-2 cases if I recall well... Also I wonder how this happened. Maybe due to humidity and temp changes combination as the headlight compartment itself is almost airtight closed.. I also left the lamps turned on for at least 10-15 minutes before closing the back covers to be sure that any air humidity will get out due to the heat of the lamps... Now they seem and perform much better... I only need another "recovery" of the front glass (plastic) as the first coat of lacquer has teared after about 3 years since it was applied..
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