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The in-line fuse/s can be placed anywhere on the 12 volt connection. On mine I run two for the high beams and one for the low beams. First pic shows the "pigtail" with the in-line fuses. The single end attaches to the 12 volt terminal I showed you in a previous reply. Second pic shows the fuses mounted to the reservoir support bracket. Third is the relays mounted to a bracket I made out of aluminum angle. Just one way to do it. The relays can be mounted anywhere but suggest that the closer to the headlights the better.

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Thank you so very much! This significantly helps. I have been trying to visualize how it will work in my head after watching loads of Youtube videos and reading information here, but the visuals you provided are better than anything because they're specific to our cars.

Stupid question: you mentioned that you run two relays; one for the low and one for the high beams. Does that mean you run four all together because there are two bulbs per side and you show four in your pictures?

To further confuse: There are fused relays available too... fuse is replaceable and sits just atop the relay...
Interesting. That sounds much easier than rigging it up myself. Where would one purchase said relays? Daniel Stern?

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This is what you need: Two relays, two in-line fuses. One relay for all high beams. One relay for both low beams. The relay allows current to flow directly from the battery to the light making it optimally bright. Pictured here are two 12 gauge inline automotive fuse holders, two 12V relays rated at 40 amps each. All new stuff, not used. You can have these free if you pay postage. Priority mail padded flat rate envelope is $8.
Besides this stuff you need some wire and crimps. Get some heat shrink tubing for a tidy job.
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