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Headlight Wiper Question

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As I work to become more familiar with this model before I make a purchase, as I have inspected potential cars I have noticed something about the 1990-95 headlights that have me pondering:

The headlight lenses have three little "nubs" or pins that stick out from them. I know these are for headlight aiming equipment. However, I'm at a loss to understand how the headlight wipers move freely over the headlights to clean them when they are actuated.

Don't they run into these pins? Are they expected to just move over them?

I'm very familiar with MB headlight wipers on other models, but I don't recall ever seeing a design like this.

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And I have heard although I can not confirm is that if you get the Euro Spec lights that have no nubs you also need to buy the euro wiper motor, not sure why but read that more than once. Personally I think the combination of the US Spec headlights and the wipers make the front on the R129 look terrible and the reason I couldn't wait to eliminate both from my R129.
Dan the Euro specs eliminate the nubs and the hideous plastic bezel surround. Here is mine while installing. One Euro, one US Spec to compare. There are a couple more photos including closeups if you click the link in my sig line.


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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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