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Headlight Wiper Question

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As I work to become more familiar with this model before I make a purchase, as I have inspected potential cars I have noticed something about the 1990-95 headlights that have me pondering:

The headlight lenses have three little "nubs" or pins that stick out from them. I know these are for headlight aiming equipment. However, I'm at a loss to understand how the headlight wipers move freely over the headlights to clean them when they are actuated.

Don't they run into these pins? Are they expected to just move over them?

I'm very familiar with MB headlight wipers on other models, but I don't recall ever seeing a design like this.

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Ugly Wiper blade resting postion

"On any of the MB models with wipers, I always figure that the owner does poor job of maintaining the car if one of the wipers is out of place. I just saw a local used car dealer with a nice 98 SL500 for sale, and one of the wipers was at the 11 o'clock position.

Why wouldn't someone fix that???? "

Reason they don't fix it is because they problably did one time and then realized it's not the motor but the relay that is causing it to lay in incorrect position.

If you loosen it and move it, it will then be incorrect for when the time it do work again. :confused:

The HD Light wipers only work when the Headlights are on and washer fluid is called for.

3 ways to repair ,
Replace Relay and/or Wiper motor $$$$$$$$$
Remove Wiper and associated parts and replace lower panel w/o wiper hole $$$$$
Wait until wiper is resting correctly and unplug replay/wiper motor N/C $
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