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Headlight Wiper Adjustment

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Greeting all...<br>
I have a new (to me) '97 S500 which has one of the headlight wipers out of adjustment. It goes down too far and off the headlight.<br>
My questions are:<br>
1. Is it possible to adjust it?<br>
2. Where is the adjustment made?<br>
3. How is the wiper arm removed? It seems to be pinned, I was hoping for an Allen screw.<br>
Thanks in advance for any information,<br>
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easy fix- at least on an 1995 S- pop the cover up hiding the nut- 11 or 12mm (I think) unscrew the nut and pop off the wiper from the shaft. Reposition the wiper to the correct setting- and press back on the shaft, re-install the bolt and your are done
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