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headlight switch

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i am trying to remove me dash panel. the only problem is the heaedlight switch. theres a big fastener on it and none of my wrenches fit it. any tips
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It shouldn't be that tight, you should be able to undo it with a pair of pliers or grips if your careful.
True, its not very tight at all. But even after you remove that nut, there is another clip that is holding it place. When i was removing the dash I didnt know it was there and i broke it in the process. And I honestly do not know how to get at it.
for those who have removed the instrument cluster, how many wires are plugged into them and are the plugs unique. im am still tryin to get the cluster out but afraid that i wont be able to put it back
The wiring into the cluster are on keyed unique plugs, so it can't go back wrong. There may be a single wire that's not on a connector that you may have to cut and then repair via a splice later.
Sorry, I can't remember how it is held in. I thought it was only the nut.[|)]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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