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1970 280 SEL W108 M130
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Reassembling an M130 top end following a failed head gasket.

Machine shop straightened the head and planed both surfaces.

I'm aware that due to the altered geometry of the top surface, the cam towers may not align as well as originally, and that a binding cam should be shimmed appropriately.

I have the head on and torqued at this stage, and the cam turns but is snug. Will turn by hand with the timing sprocket, but its too taught to turn by hand by grabbing a cam lobe or the cam sprocket bolt without the gear.

Wondering if anyone has insight on what level of binding is fatal to cam. How concerned should I be?


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What if you push oil through the towers somehow? Can you pressurize the oil pump system without having to crank everything?

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I found this in the technical data book 1977 applies to engine 100 110 m115 116 117 123 615 616 617

permissible runout of center bearing points and camshaft sprocket seat when supported at outer bearing ponts

camshaft sprocket seat .02
bearing point 2 .03
bearing point 3 .025

all in mm
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