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Having a issue. Any advice welcomed! (hesitation - rough idle - little acceleration)

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Here is a little back ground on the car. I want to try to give as much detail as possible in hopes that someone can better understand the issue i am truly having and hopefully assist me in identifying the problem and fixing it.

I have a 2.8l 1995 C280 w/ 173K

:surrender: I bought the car a few months ago for a great price that i couldn't pass up. Knowing it was going to take a bit of money to invest to get it right. After purchasing the car i replaced the alternator, water pump, tensor pulley, and serpentine belt. After i put the new stuff in the car i have started receiving weird electrical issues like only the right front and rear park lights/tail lights work. But that's not the real issue. Even though some educated in put or even educated guess would be appreciated.

Anyway after replacing these a month or so passed by and while i was out driving i heard two consecutive low muffles "pop" - "pop". Was not really loud but noticeable. It didn't seem to me like a "back fire" but i am new European car owner and assume it would probably be louder if it was a back fire. But i could be wrong. After the "pops" i noticed a sort of shutter or major lack in acceleration. The pops do not happen all the time just every now and then.
The shuttering is sort of a really quick back and forth, good then bad acceleration feeling. The car does not die but will continue to do this at stop lights, stop signs, etc. It shakes the whole car including myself. When i stand outside the car i cannot really notice the shaking but i can hear the difference in tone from the exhaust. I figured i should probably try to use a obd2 code reader but do not want to fork over $100 bucks for a possible single use unless i have to. What is really weird is if i turn the car off and back on it will not have these symptoms anymore. It will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 - 6 minutes before it starts acting up again. Even if i turn the key back while driving then on again it will stop for just a minute. And going up hills from a dead stop? Ha! Forget about it. Not happening, i'm literally crawling up it. If i place the car in neutral and push the accelerator. There is not much shutter or delay but it will only rev out to around 4,000 RPMS at that point it sounds like it totally red lined out.

I just don't understand what could be causing something like this. I have reached the spark plugs but do not necessarily know what to be looking for as to signs of knowing if they are bad. Or what to inspect the coils for. Or how to diagnose a bad MAF. My first guess would be a miss? I am not exactly sure. If there is anyone else out there who has experienced anything like this and know the cause or a possible cause any and all advice and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

I just would really like to get this car running smooth again. :(
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have u done a tune up on the car yet?
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