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well, you said it, the best offer you got is 2K, so no matter what you ask, even 100K, the car will be only see at the best offer you have recieved.

I know the car worth more than that, but, thats the market...

what you need to do is sit down and calculate what are the cons vs pro of selling the car for 2K. if you HAVE to get rid of the car for one reason or another... otherwise, park it for few month until someone comes by and pay what its worth... or the market gets better. or better yet, drive it untill it breaks, then junk it and collect 300 bucks for it... truth of the matter is, if you buy ANY car today, it will depreciate by more than 2K in the next... say 6 month (the number I am throwing out there that you ll be driving your W140 until it breaks...)

the market it crap... so its up to you to wait or let go... there is no correct opinion when it comes to this...

as far as parting out, many members here assume that its the best way to make money out of a W140 is to part it... truth is, thats not the case, taking a car apart in a neat form that allows re-selling the parts is not easy, marketing the parts is not easy, managing the logistics of a vehicle as heavy as W140 is not easy, there is a lots of overhead that comes with parting... location, garage, neighbors, time, tools, recycling the junk left, tax filing... its not even funny...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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