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Hey, LT. Remember that the economy is really soft right now, even new cars are heavily discounted, which further suppresses use car values.

Moreover, the 140 wasn't exactly regarded as a trouble-free car, so it's not just the mileage.

One thing you could do is offer the new owner a drivetrain warranty for six months or something with a price cap on the offer as well. (Something along the lines of "if something fails in the drivetrain within six months, the parties will share the cost of the repairs, but in no case will the seller be responsible for more than $1,000 of the cost of any and all repairs during the 6 month period"). That way it gives them some assurance you're serious about it being a good, reliable car, but limits both your exposure as well as the buyer's.

However, even in this soft market that may not be enough of an inducement.

Did you post it in the FST forum? And BTW, please click the user CP link and complete your profile with location and cars, that's often useful information. If someone is near you and sees the post they might either come take a look or suggest it to others. Fans of these cars tend to congregate in the forums, eh?

Take care and enjoy the ride,
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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