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2001 CLK 200 Kompressor w208
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i am a proud owner of a w208, currently im modding up my w208 with rims and sounds.

currently i came across with a product called ViseeO MBU-1000 bluetooth adaptor for the old nokia cradle (mine is a nokia 5110) this enables bluetooth functionality instead of keeping the old phone. it sits on the cradle as a replacement and you can use any kind of phone that will show up in the interface. this is used with the stock radio of the benz.

just today, i installed a Kenwood DDX5036M 6.5" radio, nav ready, tv tuner ready, bluetooth ready. there is this option to install a bluetooth kit for the radio which is the BT-100. i am planning also to install a pac-audio as well (swi-jack and swi-can2) so it would enable me to use the steering wheel controls with the head-unit (will this actually work?)

now, my question is, if i bought the MBU-1000 plus the PAC-AUDIO with the new radio, will everything work?

let me break it down, MBU-1000 will work with the old stock radio as advertised, but will it work with the new kenwood 5036M with the SWIJACK AND SWICAN2? will it be compatible? will i able to use the controls in the interface as well?

because i know for a fact, when i buy the BT-100 (bluetooth adaptor for the kenwood) it would only work on the interface of the radio itself, but the question is, will answering and lowering down the volume by using the steering wheel control can actually be useable?

because currently, when i see the interface (i don't have the BT100 installed yet and the PAC-AUDIO's) all i see is Tel ---- and Audio ---- hopefully when i install the PAC-AUDIO i would see something on the Audio or it should function. but the question is again, how bout the Tel ???? if i install the BT-100 for the kenwood will it function by showing in the interface?

should i buy the ViseeO MBU-1000 to make the Tel function work with the new radio? is this even feasible? have anyone tried this? i just want to make everything work with everything if its even possible, but i wouldn't want to buy a MBU-1000 if it wouldn't actually work. my main goal is really to make the interface work and the steering wheel control work with the new radio and the old phone (which hopefully i would replace with the MBU-1000) and i already shelled out so much money for other parts of the car atleast if anybody had this experience i would be very thankful. :bowdown:

and yes, i am a PROUD owner of a w208. lol
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